Tips for dyslexic Programmers


I have dyslexia, dyspraxia and am probably a few letters short of the alphabet to be honest!

That aside I  have compiled a list of things I think will hopefully help dyslexic programmers find things just a wee bit easier.


1. Text Editor

Yes it’s time to ditch notepad or notepad ++ and stray just a little bit away from our comfort zone. Sublime is a great text editor that uses nice looking colors and smart IntelliSense to aid the programmer in publishing quality software. Another idea may be changing the theme of your IDE. Eclipse for example has many different themes you can download at your leisure.

(pro tip: syntax coloring can really help dyslexics find out where errors are made)

2. Ask for help

Stuck on that programming question? why not just ask for help. what is the worst thing that’s gonna happen, you will get called stupid? Spending hours trying to figure a concept that someone can explain to you in seconds sounds stupid to me. Most programmers or lecturers actual like helping you because it makes them feel good too!

I know, I know… it hurts your ego asking for help and takes balls  BUT it’s less painful than finding out the hard way.

3.Break problems down

one of the main fundamentals of programming is the ability to break large complex problems into small manageable parts, So I will re-iterate this. Being able to master this will save you a lot of time. When you start to actually think about the problem the implementation becomes easier.

4. Believe in yourself!

I know it sounds cheesy but I feel too often there is a focus on the negatives of dyslexia. For example me failing higher English (twice) which may explain the grammar and sentence structure of this article!  but if you need some positives the Dyslexic Advantage offers some motivation for those who are working hard at their craft.

Thanks guys and girls I hope this article helps you out! Keep it up!









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