3 Awesome Developer Podcasts for Beginners

Whats up! I decided I write a small review for some developer podcasts I have been listening too. All these podcasts are free so hopefully you guys can give some of them a try.


1. The John Morris Show

This podcast is amazing. It focuses on web development and landing your first developer job, which is perfect for beginners. John has a bunch of free material for aspiring PHP developers and offers free and paid courses of which I have taken a few. The podcast itself is insightful and offers Johns perspective and experience in web development and the software/freelance industry.

you can check it out  here



2. Software Engineering Radio

This is a great place to explore the theory of software engineering and learn more about the areas you are interested in. They have hundreds of episodes you can browse at your leisure. The format is that there is a dialogue and questions between the host and a new guest speaker each week, who is a specialist in the area covered. What is great about this show is  the content covered  is so wide, you can really find what area suits you best!

can be found here


3. Software Engineering Daily

This one is very similar to Software Engineering radio but perhaps the topics are slightly more specific and niche. This might not be suitable for complete beginners but the passion of the presenters and again the vast amount of material make this an awesome resource.



Any I missed let me know in the comments and happy coding!












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