3 Ideas to help get your first Developer Job.

what’s up?

So you’ve applied to a few junior programming jobs but with no luck, don’t panic. I am here to offer some ideas and perspectives to help you get hired!


1. Get some Experience


First of all don’t discount working in a bar or behind the tills. This experience is better than nothing! being able to work in a fast paced environment or work well as a team player and are definitely nothing to turn up your nose at.

Secondly if you can, try get some relevant  work experience, this ideally would be development related, but anything in IT will help. I have spoken to a few people high up in IT and you would be surprised that they started on the humble help-desk!

It doesn’t have to be fancy, anything will help from computer repair to perhaps online freelancing!


2. Volunteer

So no one wants to risk spending money on entry level developers. Charities with limited resources and finance would love to have you on-board I’m sure! I have worked at two charities; One doing IT support, the other development and it’s a great way to rack up exp (not to mention free food!! ).


3. Build a Blog (like this one!)

It doesn’t have to be a great blog with thousands of visitors each day… (sigh, one day) but what it will do is at least show you have passion for technology. it’s not even really that time consuming!

that’s all guys and girls!

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