3 Gaming moments with their programming technique explained

Hello I am gonna write something a bit different tonight but it’s still programming related and I thought it would be cool to discuss!

1. Mario endless stairs!

Does anyone remember  This slightly  unsettling moment? You are almost going to face bowser and you run up these stairs but… You just keep running! In programming this is called recursion as the code that calls the stairs to be shown is repeated called unless the number of stars are enough to get to the next level! Cool Huh?

2. Stranger perk fallout

The fallout franchise has a perk called the mysterious stranger perk in which a clocked Allie comes to your aid when you need Him the most. This programming feature is the random function and is used regularly in programming.


3. Pokémon Time of day

Can only catch gastly at night? Yup that’s a programming feature aswell it’s called date time and Pokémon uses it so that certain Pokémon can be caught at certain times.



Thanks for reading folks, please like, share follow if you enjoyed this as it helps me a lot, until next time!


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