It’s 10 bucks dude

So it’s 1am here in bonnie Scotland I’m in my bed writing this because it’s been a while​!

I’ve been thinking about a change I recently made that’s accelerated my learning.

And most people don’t like it…

Paying up.

Spending cash moneyyyy

I have a couple of points to make about this and why paying up is better the free route.

Don’t get me wrong I think learning for free is an awesome notion and one that is part of the computer science culture eg the open source movement. It’s also a great way to get your feet wet without having to comit too much resources.


But I do think that if you want some sound tangible results you gotta pay up. Now a good way of finding if a course is good or not is looking at user ratings, picking the best rated course with a lot of practical projects you can add to your github! Getting the most bang for your buck! It’s also good to be able to have structure to your learning and not have to sift through the internet going from tutorial to tutorial.


You might not agree with me, but If your learning is slow it’s maybe an idea!.

Anyway peace!


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