Hello I just wanted to give a quick review of this web development course available on udemy because I feel it’s a worthwhile investment of your time and resources!


What you’ll learn

You Will learn a variety of programming languages that will teach you the basic syntax, data types, functions and much more of a whole bunch of languages. After you learn the basics there is almost always an interesting project that you demonstrate your learning on at the end of each section.


The price is a hefty 200 dollars but for what you learn I feel it can be worth it! Also there are plenty of udemy sales that can cut the price by 50-95%!


As this is a full development course it can take time to fully complete. I feel this course takes anywhere from 1 month to 6 to completely finish. You can cut time however by missing out the stuff you don’t see yourself wanting to learn.


Rob is a great instructor and explains programming concept’s in a simple but detailed way. He makes learning to code both easy and enjoyable.


  • In-depth explanation of syntax and concepts
  • Great enthusiasm and makes coding fun!
  • Build real projects to show off to employer’s
  • Huge amount of skills learned


  • Steep price tag (use codes!)
  • Can take a long time to fully complete the course

All and all I think this is a fantastic resource to learn web development and I urge you noobies who are serious about coding to take a chance with this course!


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