China trip blog

Hello! I have recently involved in a trip to china to teach computing abroad in Zhengzhou University of light! I have had a wonderful time so far and would like to share some of this via my blog. This first blog post will be centred around the first couple of days spent in Beijing.

We got up at around 5am in the morning to catch a 8am flight to Paris and then from there got a flight direct to Beijing from there we spent the first couple of days exploring with a visit to Tienanmen Square, from there we went to the forbidden city which was an amazing experience! The city had hundreds years of history and impressive architecture. The walls had a high level of intricate detail and there were a number of interesting rock gardens that are rarely seen in Europe. There was a quick break were delicious noodles were consumed and then we hiked uphill to visit a temple where a great view of the forbidden city and Beijing could be had.  Then we ventured to the night market which was a truly awesome experience. The market was alive with  hustle and bustle and interesting smells all around. This was an exciting experience with food and interesting goods to be had everywhere with the city feeling truly alive. The food and beer sampled was authentic and traditional and although tired I went to bed very content.

The next day we got up early to visit the great wall of china. I felt very privileged to visit one of the seven wonders of the world. We used a cable car to get to the top of the mountain. Sitting in a 4 person cable car as it hurtled up to the top of the wall only added to excitement of the journey. I was struck by the sheer vastness of the wall and it’s humongous length. It also remained in great shape with only small parts been renovated when needed. We were also lucky with the heat as it wasn’t too hot to traverse. After the great wall we all shared food in a lovely restaurant and there was not a single dish that I did not love. After this we went to the sun palace for a chilled out trip which was well needed after the full on day. There were some lovely views of the lake and surrounding temples.

Thanks for reading I will be adding more posts about Zhengzhou as the trip progresses!


Sensing Systems Project (4)

Since last time I haven’t been able to successfully find a way of monitoring the battery life left in the arduino. This weeks development focus is finding a way of  exporting the sensing information from the user interface into a comma separated values format. This will mean results can be drawn from and measured in an effective way. It also means that this data can be manipulated into a graphic form.

Thanks for keeping up with my project!

Tom Atkinson 🙂

Sensing System Project Diary (3)

This week I have been working on the functionality of the mobile application. This has included sending a text alert to a hard coded number with the sensing information. I have also added some persistence to the application that holds the sensor values, clears the values. Next week I plan on finding a way to hopefully measure the battery life of the arduino system and display that value separately.

Iot Sensing system project diary

I have made a lot of progress since last week on the project. After getting the main sensors setup for the arduino I have been working on the android application. Last week I have been focusing on the android application made to communicate and monitor the sensing system.

I have added a blue tooth module to the arduino that allows values to be exchanged between the arduino and a mobile device. I Have also been able to add some functionality to the application. So far I have added an email function to the application that allows the values sent from the ardunio to be parsed and shared in a number of formats. I have also used location sensors from the android device to capture my location at the time of monitoring the device.

Next week I will be working more with persistence and having a way of storing values on the physical memory of a device.

Thanks for reading!

IOT Sensing Project Diary

Hello, it’s been a long while since I have posted so I have decided to give a quick summary on a project I have been working on.

I have been working on the past week on an arduio sensing system. so far the project takes readings from the sensors and prints the value to the console. I plan on having a mobile application that controls the application as well as a web server that passes values across a web interface as well.

So far I have implemented a heat and humidity sensor, a light sensor and a water detection sensor, the next step will be adding a Bluetooth module so I can communicate to a Bluetooth terminal application.

Thanks for reading guys if you want me to write a quick tutorial on this please comment!